About Us

I blame my Mum, her Mum and probably her Mum too and all the little old Aunts that I vaguely remember from my childhood – many a day was spent with arms outstretched whilst someone would be winding wool over to make the next jumper or cardigan! I cant really remember the reasoning (perhaps to just keep us in one place?!).

Taught to knit at 5 and various other crafts at a young age, the passion got bigger over the years (apart from a few twilight years – late teens/early twenties when the pub was more interesting).

My main cardmaking passion came about through personal tragedy when my first son was stillborn. Without dwelling (nor casting it aside but this isn’t the place for that story) I became involved in a support group, I met a likeminded fellow mum and we made cards to sell for the charity. From that the passion grew, and luckily for me so did my family! Skip forward a few years (too busy mopping kids and floors!) and I found I had a few spare hours to make cards again for my family and friends. Sunny Bunny was formed. And then I dusted off my sewing machine thanks to a chance remark from a family member and so we have my products today, all stemming from each other and the love of gorgeous fabrics!

Most of my makes are now available as kits or tutorials. You can find these under the Sew Easy category in my Etsy shop. I also run regular workshops from my home studio in Bournemouth (aka The Hut).

Phew! That’s Sunny Bunny in a nutshell!